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Campaigners Prepare for a Musical Protest

Score - Creative Commons

Score – Creative Commons

Youth music groups from across Cardiff are getting ready to march against funding cuts. Young people say they want to keep their musical practice spaces open.

Cardiff council plans to close centres like Cathays Youth Centre and Studio 22 as part  of plans to fill a deficit left by government funding cuts. But campaigners won’t let the cuts go ahead without making some noise.

Organisers are calling on people bring instruments of all shapes and sizes to a protest starting  at City Hall on Thursday 29 January. Aaron John wrote on the event,

“Bring drums, guitars, trumpets, whatever it doesn’t matter. Come and make some noise, be heard do not let the Council get away with depriving future generations of the opportunity to make music!”

The campaigners hope to use their noise to disrupt a council meeting taking place in the afternoon. Rappers, spoken word artists and singers will be performing at a pop up stage.  Over a hundred people are expected to attend.

More Info

Facebook event page

Campaigner Ed Townend “A  youth club changed my life” 


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