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“Apple’s Broken Promises” : The World’s Leading Brand Exposed

BBC Panorama’s “Apple’s Broken Promises” investigates the welfare of workers in factories and tin mines.

Apple manufactures its products in China. Workers who make Macs, IPhones and Ipads are shown working under a culture of fear and exhausted. The program documents how staff in factories to child tin miners experience life-threatening conditions everyday.

The program documents worker’s deaths and suicides cut with videos of Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, claiming Apple does all it can to secure the safety of its workers.

The commitment Apple promises to the environment in this video is undercut by the program’s findings.

The advert’s admission at 1:21 “We have a long way to go…. and a lot to learn”, according to evidence shown by Panorama, is a better description of where the popular brand is actually positioned today.

But is the program enough to make you boycott the brand whose products, depending on the industry you work for, are far superior to its competitors?

And are its competitors exempt from similar accusations? The program suggested the tin miners risking their lives weren’t just supplying Apple.


3 comments on ““Apple’s Broken Promises” : The World’s Leading Brand Exposed

  1. Angie Paul
    January 13, 2015

    Interesting article! Very sad.


    • elliewright
      January 13, 2015

      Yes it us sad. is an alternative I wish Id known about! It seems all phone making companies but this one are implicated in the child tin mining.


  2. Charles
    January 18, 2015

    In time the world will pick upon this and the backlash will come,but this will not happen over night


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